The Arkaroola Education and Research Foundation

At Arkaroola, science, education and conservation have always been at the forefront since opening in 1968. Indeed, the Mt. Painter-Arkaroola region was recommended for protection as far back as the 1920s by the geologist and antarctic pioneer Professor Sir Douglas Mawson. He considered the area of great natural importance and referred to it as ” One great outdoor museum”. In the following decades Dr. Reg Sprigg, a protege of Mawson, continued to champion the region eventually purchasing the ” Arkaroola Pastoral Lease” in 1967 and subsequently founding The Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary.

In the spirit of these pioneers and founders The Arkaroola Education and Research Foundation has been established with a view to continue to foster an interest in natural science and create a path for young students to persue careers in the various scientific disciplines.

Likewise the foundation provides assistance for researchers from various sciences to conduct field work here at the sanctuary. Research projects in botany, geology and paleontology are conducted at Arkaroola with university groups including Cambridge University UK having undertaken and continue to conduct field research with the assistance of the foundation.

Research into invasive species and the conservation of native species is also a feature of the foundations work in this biologically diverse region. The eradication of feral animals such as goats and cats is a priority as well as the removal of invasive plants such as The Jumping Cholla Cactus. Management of these species, with a view to eventual total eradication, is of key importance in this delicate arid ecology.

The Arkaroola Education and Research Foundation welcomes expressions of interest from Educational Organizations, Scientific Bodies and individuals alike. Please contact Arkaroola for more information.