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Located 600km north of Adelaide in the ruggedly spectacular northern Flinders Ranges, this 610sq km multi award-winning Wilderness Sanctuary was founded by the Sprigg family in 1968 and continues to operate to this day with a strong emphasis on science, education and conservation to enable us, as custodians, to preserve this priceless and unique wilderness and its inhabitants into the future.

With a Geological History reaching back almost 2 billion years, this ancient landcape also has an extraordinary human history. Frequented and featuring in creation stories by Indigenous Peoples for tens of thousands of years the area was later brought to the attention of the modern world by the late Professor Sir Douglas Mawson.

Arkaroola Village is located in the upper centre area of the satellite image. Pretty much right on the edge of the relative order of the Adelaidian Sediments and the Geological Chaos of The Mt. Painter Inlier.


Arkaroola features many unique geological monuments, rugged mountains, towering granite peaks, magnificent gorges and mysterious waterholes, the home to a huge range of species of birds, reptiles and mammals including the shy and endangered Yellow-Footed Rock-Wallaby.

In fact Arkaroola is perhaps the best place to see these rare marsupials in their natural habitat anywhere within their range.


Arkaroola is an inspiring destination for artists, aviators, astronomers, adventure bikers, birdwatchers, bushwalkers , four wheel drive adventurers, geologists and just about anybody with a sense of adventure and a quest for knowledge.

The spectacular and thrilling 4WD Ridgetop Tour has been our premier attraction since 1969 and continues to enthrall folk of all ages from all parts of the globe.

Journey through a landscape as old as the continent itself, across razor-back ridges and peaks of the Flinders Ranges most rugged mountains to the magnificent climax at Sillers Lookout.

Arkaroola is also alive in the evenings! With 3 state of the art Astronomical Observatories and far from the light of cities, Arkaroola is perfect for those with an interest in The Cosmos. Check out our Astronomy section for more details.


The Sprigg family are true pioneers of tourism in the region becoming the first Flinders Ranges tourism venue to achieve the coveted Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation and now offers a wide and varied range of experiences for you to enjoy, Arkaroola is truly unique. 

Our third successive S.A. Tourism Award win for Ecotourism (November 2007), saw Arkaroola awarded the coveted Hall of Fame, and is undoubtedly one of South Australia’s premier ecotourism destinations.



We are extraordinarily happy to announce that Arkaroola will re-open on Monday 11th of May 2020. All tours, accommodation etc available but some with restrictions. Call ahead or just head up. Telephone +61 8 8648 4848

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Rain Rain Rain

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