Written In The Rocks

  Take a trip back in time on this 4-5 hour guided drive/walk out to the southern part of the sanctuary where the ancient geological history of this region has been exposed at the surface revealing hundreds of millions of years of sedimentary and glacial activity.  Stop at the Ochre Wall, Lively’s Gold Find, the Welcome Mine and the Jasper Twins as we explore the complex geology of Arkaroola.  Wander over ancient glacial rocks from Ice Ages past at Stubbs Waterhole and ponder the vastness of geological time in Bararranna Gorge where ancient fossil sea-beds now form spectacular near-vertical cliffs.  You may also be rewarded with sightings of Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies, Wedge-Tailed Eagles and Brown Falcons among others. 

This tour is tailored to suit each group and includes numerous walks, the length and difficuty of which will be at the discretion of the tour participants. The tour includes a morning/afternoon tea stop where light refreshment is supplied which includes the world famous “Arkaroola Lamingtons”  It is also an opportunity to take a quiet wander and personally take in the atmosphere and grandeur of this amazing wilderness.

Amazing rock formation affectionately nick-named “Dinosaur Guts”


A Unique Outback Experience