The Flora and Fauna of Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary

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The Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, with its precipitous peaks and valleys, extreme topographic diversity, its gorges and creeks and open woodlands is host to an impressive array of Native Flora and Fauna. Rare plants abound, some species are only found in the immediate area and are indeed relics of a time when the region was covered in temperate forest. The Spidery Wattle and the rare Codonocarpus trees are two examples.

Likewise, the sanctuary provides habitat for hundreds of species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects and birds. The rare Yellow-Footed Rock Wallaby of course being the most famous of Arkaroolas inhabitants is readily observed among the steep rocky gorges and creeks. The majestic Wedge-Tailed Eagle, Australian Ringneck Parrot, the comical antics of a gang of White- Browed Babblers, the insomnia curing call of the Southern Boobook Owl of an evening and the beautifully coloured Red Capped Robin are but a few of the species commonly encountered around the sanctuary. The very rare and elusive Short-Tailed Grass Wren from the spinifex granite high country of the sanctuary is occasionally sighted and is one of the rarest bird species in Australia.

A rather rare and localised reptile occuring in the sanctuary is The Red- Barred Dragon. These spectacularly coloured reptiles are known only from this region and are an unforgettable highlight if you are fortunate enough to observe an individual. The beautiful and mostly nocturnal Large-Blotched or Stimpsons Python may been seen in the evening especially close to the village. These amazing snakes grow to just over a metre as an adult and pose no threat to humans. See photos of both of these animals in the gallery here.

Not surprisingly the sanctuary is colloquially known as “The Ark” which is quite fitting as the steep mountains and deep gorges provide shelter and a diversity of habitats which support all of these amazing species. Surrounded by vast largely flat arid lands , the sanctuary is indeed “Ark – Like” and provides many a unique wildlife experience. We trust you will enjoy the images and videos in the gallery.

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