Echo Camp Backtrack

A must-do for all 4WD enthusiasts, with sections of the track classified as ‘Extreme 4WD’.  4WD with low-range is necessary for this track.

A self-drive 4WD tour of the Echo Camp Backtrack – this economically priced tour is available for visitors and guests who have their own 4WD, enabling them to experience remote and rugged four-wheel-driving with the knowledge that, should and emergency arise, help is available (a ‘search and rescue watch’ is placed on all vehicles).  A printed guide-booklet is provided for all vehicles taking this tour.

The track generally takes around 5 hrs to complete, however, there is so much to see in addition to the track that we’d recommend you set aside the whole day to really see what this region of Arkaroola has to offer. Speak with one of our staff before you head off for some inside info on the journey.

Nooldoonooldoona WaterHole, Bolla Bollana, Yudanamutana

This self-drive tour is suitable for both 2WD and 4WD vehicles and is approximately 4 hours duration, taking you to places like The Pinnacles, Bolla Bollana Springs, and Nooldoonooldoona Waterhole – with other interesting sights along the way.

No charge is made of this tour and a printed guide-booklet is available, complete with a map showing all points of interest along the way.

Paralana Hot Springs

A rugged but rewarding 4wd trip from Arkaroola Village to the amazing historic Paralana Hot Springs. The springs can either be reached by following the road via Stubbs Waterhole or you can head north after the Echo Camp back track returning back via Stubbs. There is no charge for this trip if taking the Stubbs Waterhole route.

The springs are actually radioactive emitting radon gas, helium and carbon dioxide among others. Therefore swimming or drinking the water is certainly not recommended.

A Geological Field Excursion Guide published by The Geological Survey of South Australia is available for purchase at reception. The guide provides 36 stops of interest from Arkaroola Village to Paralana Springs via Stubbs Waterhole. Set your trip meter to 000 at the village and follow the guide. Packed with information and photographs it is an indispensible item to take along on this trip.

Arkaroola Springs, Stubbs Waterhole, Barrarana Gorge, Mt. Jacobs Back Track, Station Back Track.

All of these areas are accessible by 4wd/high clearance vehicles at no cost. For more information please ask at reception on these tracks. Located in the southern region of the sanctuary, they pass through spectacular scenery with stunning views and can be quite a challenge. One highlight along the way is Tillite Gorge. This spectacular walk takes you through massive fields of Glacial Tillite layed down hundreds of millions of years ago.

Always check in at reception with your travel plans and drive safely.