Scenic Flights – Arkaroola and Beyond

See Arkaroola From The Air

To experience Arkaroola from the ground is amazing, however, to see it from the air is something different again!

Soar above the famous Mt Painter country in Arkaroola’s own 6-passenger (7-seat), high-wing Cessna 207 with pilot Doug Sprigg, who has 30 years experience flying Arkaroola’s skies.

Chief Pilot, Douglas Sprigg, is an experienced commercial pilot who has spent most of his life in the outback.  With his vast knowledge and intriguing knowledge of the area, a flight to Lake Eyre is so much more than seeing the spectacular scenery.  Along the way you will learn about the culture, geoology and history of the places you fly over, as well as hear some fascinating and entertaining stories.

Arkaroola Sanctuary

This 35-minute flight will take you from the ancient sedimentary seabed layers of southern Arkaroola to the unruly granite and quartzite outcrops of Mt Gee, the Mawson Plateau and the Freeling Heights.

While taking in the spectacular vistas, listen to Doug’s commentary on your personal headphones and learn about Arkaroola’s geology, Aboriginal Dreaming stories and mining history.

Lake Frome

A 45-minute flight that takes you east across the flood plains to the whitest salt lake in Australia. 

Shade your eyes from the flat crystalline expanse of kilometres of salt glinting in the sun, flanked by 20,000 year old sand dunes trapped forever in the Lake’s crusty grasp, a relic of the time when central Australia was once an inland sea.

Arkaroola and Lake Frome

This remarkable 75-minute flight takes you above an Australian landscape filled with rugged contrasts.

Lake Eyre

The route from Arkaroola to Lake Eyre takes in the wild red granites, gorges and watercourses of the Ridge Top and Mawson Plateau, before tracking up to the eastern side of the Lake.  This eastern route gives you that unique opportunity to see the orange-red dunes of the Strzesleki and Tirari Deserts.  The flight takes you over Lake Eyre North’s Madigan Gulf, Hunt Peninsula to Belt Bay, lowest place in Australia, down Jack Boot Bay to Lake Eyre South returning via the Oodnadatta Track and the Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges.

Join Doug on one of our fantastic flights over Arkaroola to Lake Eyre.  Lake Eyre Scenic flights are available as half-day or full-day tours.

On the Lake Eyre Full Day tour we also stop at the iconic William Creek Hotel for lunch, continue onto the Painted Hills and return via Lake Torrens and the Leigh Creek Coal Fields.