Custom Charter Tours

The Arkaroola Wilderness Sancuary is an area of immense size and diversity . It abounds in geological sites of international significance including Mount Gee, a fossil geysering mountain dubbed “The Crystal Mountain” by Sir Douglas Mawson to the Cryogenian age Arkaroola Reef where primitive stromatolite-type life forms created a marine reef long before complex life existed on earth. Historic mines also abound around the region. Copper, corundum ( rubies and sapphires ) and Radium were some of the minerals mined with fascinating ruins and old infrastructure remaining to this day.

The range and sheer number of places of interest in Arkaroola make it impossible for us to conduct tours to all of them. Therefore we suggest you can create your own. We have our Safari Type Open Vehicles but we also employ Toyota Landcruiser wagons for small group and custom charter tours. You may even want a more walking type tour which our guides would also welcome. Whether you would like a day tour on the ridgetop with a close up look at Mount Gee or a trip through history on The Copper Trail or maybe you just want to climb The Armchair, we can arrange a tour to meet your specific area of fascination .

So if you have a particular interest or just want to see and experience more of this remarkable part of the world in detail, let us know.

We look forward to seeing you at “The Ark”


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