The following bush walking trails are available

Arkaroola Bushwalking guides are available at Reception

Acacia Ridge

6.5 Km Linear Walk – Allow 4-5 hours

This ridge top walk is a good introduction to the Arkaroola country which is so different from the more southerly Flinders. Ask our staff for information on this walk.

Bararranna Gorge Walk

6.8 Km Loop Walk – Allow 3.5 hours

The scenery is always changing along this winding route as it crosses shaly hills and passes between the high walls of Arkaroola Creek. Ask our staff for information on this walk.

Mawson Spriggina

8.0 Km Loop walk – Allow 4 hours.

This trail follows the Mawson Valley and returns along the Spriggina Ridge, which gives good views of the surrounding country. Ask our staff for information on this walk.

Oppaminda Nudlamutana

15.2km Allow 7hrs

A linear walk passing through The Gammon Ranges at times then ascending to Mt Warren Hastings 590m passing over ancient fields of Glacial Tillite. Rare plants and Red Kangaroos are a highlight.

Griselda Hill

2.5km (approx) Allow 1.5 Hours

A return walk from Arkaroola Village with rewarding views of the surrounding ranges. Ask our staff how this amazing geological formation got its name.

Kingsmill Falls

1-2 Hours Distance and time depends on individual walkers choice.

A short or long walk depending on individual walkers choice. The falls area is just a short walk from the Arkaroola road and is a haven for Yellow-Footed Rock Wallabies and Euros. Walkers can go further along the valley or return via Acacia Ridge. Ask our staff for information on this walk.


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