Bush Camping

Known locally as “The Taj” ( Mahal ) there is approx 300 ha of bush-setting camping sites available.  Set among rocky cliffs on a meandering creek this truly is “Million Star Accommodation”. Bookings are not necessary, just stop in at Reception and staff will get you sent in the right direction.

Camping in other areas of Arkaroola is not permitted because of the impact such activity would have on wildlife and the environment.  Swimming in waterholes is absolutely prohibited.

Campers – please bring as much drinking water as is practical as you will be unable to fill water tanks with rainwater. Arkaroola and a number of places further north have limited potable water.

Important to note that Arkaroola does not provide nor sell firewood. Please collect all your firewood responsibly. Hollow logs and branches are an important source of shelter and food for wildlife so choose only solid material. Termites in the wood are an essential food for echidnas and other wildlife so try to avoid collecting such material. Thank you.

Please Note:
All tracks and roadways within the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, including those in and around the caravan park and camping areas, are public roads and the provisions of the Road Traffic Act (SA) and Motor Vehicles Act (SA) apply regarding the wearing of seatbelts and the wearing of protective helmets when riding bicycles.

Arkaroola Dog Policy

As part of Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary’s feral animal management, 1080 fox baits are laid on Arkaroola. This is a poison to kill the foxes and wild dogs that threaten the population of Yellow footed Rock Wallabies, and other small mammals, lizards and birds.

The poison is a natural plant extract and Australian Native animals in this part of the country are not harmed by it, however it is very toxic to dogs and there is no antidote.

Arkaroola does not encourage visitors to bring dogs here, however if people do so, we ask that they keep them restrained on a leash or tied up at all times. While there is a 2 kilometre exclusion zone from baiting around the village, birds of prey have been known to pick up and drop baits within this zone. If you bring your dog to Arkaroola please keep him or her under control and on a leash at all times (in all areas on the property). If complaints are made by other guests about barking dogs, regretfully we will be forced to ask the dog owners to leave with their pet.

Under no circumstances are pets allowed in motel rooms. This is against health regulations.

Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary accepts no responsibility should your dog ingest a 1080 bait. Please help us to help you look after your pet.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to welcoming you and your pet within the restrictions of our policy.