Arkaroola and Balcanoona Airstrips

The airstrip maps and aeronautical information sheets below are supplied for use by visiting pilots to Arkaroola and is provided on the basis that all pilots adhere to standard aviation procedures in relation to seeking permission and obtaining current information about airstrip condition prior to landing at either airstrip, including the Arkaroola Helipad mentioned below.

Check the ERSA for the latest information.

Contact Arkaroola on 126.4MHz

Late Arrivals at Arkaroola Airstrip

Please note that the Arkaroola Airstrip is located immediately to the east of a tall ridge-line which places the strip in deep shadows during late afternoon – pilots should plan accordingly and remember that vertical views from above the strip, even at some altitude, are far different from slant views when on final approach.  In other words, end of daylight effectively arrives a little earlier than those EoD times calculated.  Please adjust your flight planning accordingly.

Arkaroola Village Helipad

A helipad suitable for helicopter operations is located at the Arkaroola Village, immediately to the north of Mawon Lodge, one of our accommodation units.  The helipad is marked in the standard manner and is complete with a windsock.


Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary or any of its staff are not responsible for any information provided to pilots on this web site – it is provided for information only.  Please contact Akraroola on telephone (08) 8648 4848 or email us for further information, including airstrip condition.